ONPOONG StarCraft 2 Events

Prize Money Awarded:
$19,217.35 From 27 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2017-06-04 to

Top Player Rankings in ONPOONG StarCraft 2 Events for StarCraft II

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game/League)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of DarkPark, Ryung Woo$5,320.15$780,903.390.68%
2.Korea, Republic of TrapCho, Sung Ho$1,929.80$235,820.480.82%
3.Korea, Republic of ZestJoo, Sung Wook$1,607.85$537,745.870.30%
4.Korea, Republic of ImpactKim, Joon Hyuk$1,253.15$95,241.111.32%
5.Korea, Republic of SolarKang, Min Soo$932.05$338,402.840.28%
6.Korea, Republic of RogueLee, Byung Ryul$911.00$834,018.200.11%
7.Korea, Republic of INnoVationLee, Shin Hyung$823.45$733,764.490.11%
8.Korea, Republic of CreatorJang, Hyun Woo$529.15$138,567.590.38%
9.Korea, Republic of TYJun, Tae Yang$454.10$631,005.800.07%
10.Korea, Republic of GuMihoKoh, Byung Jae$408.05$227,008.150.18%
11.Korea, Republic of ByunByun, Hyun Woo$360.40$403,621.570.09%
12.Korea, Republic of PrinceChoi, Min Woo$357.75$493.6272.47%
13.Korea, Republic of ClassicKim, Doh Woo$311.15$482,004.080.06%
14.Korea, Republic of RyungKim, Dong Won$309.25$108,009.180.29%
15.Korea, Republic of SpearKim, Hyun Mok$267.05$2,707.339.86%
16.Korea, Republic of CureKim, Doh Wook$229.75$128,755.820.18%
17.Korea, Republic of herOKim, Joon Ho$228.80$341,093.290.07%
18.Korea, Republic of GlowOh, Tae Wan$220.25$220.25100.00%
19.Korea, Republic of SoloistJung, Jae Ho$220.25$245.2589.81%
20.Korea, Republic of StatsKim, Dae Yeob$180.20$597,013.220.03%
21.Korea, Republic of RookieLee, Dong Yun$178.25$630.7528.26%
22.Korea, Republic of MaruCho, Sung Choo$141.00$853,888.830.02%
23.Korea, Republic of DearBaek, Dong Jun$136.70$238,288.190.06%
24.Korea, Republic of FanTaSyJung, Myung Hoon$135.15$183,096.240.07%
25.Korea, Republic of elizae-, -$132.15$132.15100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of JjakjiJi, Hoon Jung$132.15$133,917.250.10%
27.Korea, Republic of aLiveHan, Lee Seok$91.10$204,079.550.04%
28.Korea, Republic of DongRaeGuPark, Soo Ho$91.10$267,609.080.03%
29.Korea, Republic of PatienceJo, Ji Hyun$90.15$149,968.370.06%
30.Korea, Republic of LeenockLee, Dong Nyung$88.65$288,257.140.03%
31.Korea, Republic of EGO-, -$88.10$88.10100.00%
32.Korea, Republic of HHsKim, Hyeon Ho$88.10$88.10100.00%
33.Korea, Republic of KeeNHwang, Kyo Seok$88.10$93,866.460.09%
34.Korea, Republic of Key-, -$88.10$88.10100.00%
35.Korea, Republic of MyuNgSiKKim, Myung Sik$88.10$47,761.850.18%
36.Korea, Republic of NaTuRalKim, Guk Hyeon$88.10$1,127.067.82%
37.Korea, Republic of 박희성-, -$88.10$88.10100.00%
38.Korea, Republic of 상동-, -$88.10$88.10100.00%
39.Korea, Republic of BunnyLee, Jae Sung$45.55$62,904.530.07%
40.Korea, Republic of RevivaLKim, Dong Hyun$44.60$59,554.960.07%
41.Korea, Republic of CuriousLee, Won Pyo$44.05$80,860.780.05%
42.Korea, Republic of ForteKim, Ki Yong$44.05$15,226.930.29%
43.Korea, Republic of GamjaKim, Chang Gon$44.05$1,475.122.99%
44.Korea, Republic of HanatanJang, Wook$44.05$22,726.050.19%
45.Korea, Republic of Kaini-, -$44.05$44.05100.00%
46.Korea, Republic of MamuriLim, Jae Hyun$44.05$483.889.10%
47.Korea, Republic of RagnaroKShin, Hee Bum$44.05$82,466.310.05%
48.Korea, Republic of TrustChoi, Sung Il$44.05$36,805.080.12%