OnGameNet Heroes of the Storm Super League

Prize Money Awarded:
$517,600.00 From 3 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2016-01-25 to

Top Player Rankings from Korea, Republic of for OnGameNet Heroes Super League

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of KyoChaJeong, Won Ho$25,684.00$465,268.995.52%
2.Korea, Republic of merrydayLee, Tae Jun$25,684.00$205,558.1612.49%
3.Korea, Republic of RichLee, Jae Won$25,684.00$458,795.425.60%
4.Korea, Republic of sakeLee, Jung Hyeog$25,684.00$462,790.785.55%
5.Korea, Republic of SignYoon, Ji Hoon$25,684.00$232,120.8411.06%
6.Korea, Republic of NoblesseChae, Do Joon$24,356.00$184,037.5413.23%
7.Korea, Republic of sCsCKim, Seung Chul$24,356.00$283,494.488.59%
8.Korea, Republic of NachoJinPark, Jin Su$17,588.00$146,932.1711.97%
9.Korea, Republic of SwoyKim, Seung Won$17,524.00$151,828.2511.54%
10.Korea, Republic of damiPark, Ju Dam$17,312.00$109,963.8015.74%
11.Korea, Republic of HongconoLee, Dae Hyung$17,312.00$89,214.8019.40%
12.Korea, Republic of CrazymoviNGHan, Ki Soo$17,188.00$94,902.6318.11%
13.Korea, Republic of SniperKwon, Tae Hoon$17,188.00$198,399.108.66%
14.Korea, Republic of duckdeokKim, Kyung Deok$15,652.00$130,911.6811.96%
15.Korea, Republic of HideJing, Yeong Hwan$15,652.00$125,491.0212.47%
16.Korea, Republic of LockdownJin, Jae Hun$15,652.00$159,214.599.83%
17.Korea, Republic of Jeong HiLee, Jeong-ha$14,204.00$211,853.486.70%
18.Korea, Republic of JaeHyunPark, Jae Hyun$13,604.00$85,977.8315.82%
19.Korea, Republic of DarvishMin, Seong Min$10,356.00$55,970.0518.50%
20.Korea, Republic of JockerKim, Ju Hyoung$8,560.00$30,203.3128.34%
21.Korea, Republic of ResetIm, Jin Woo$7,100.00$360,243.521.97%
22.Korea, Republic of TtsstKang, Woon Sung$7,100.00$354,363.982.00%
23.Korea, Republic of KongSon, Jun Young$6,900.00$40,458.1017.05%
24.Korea, Republic of ZZANGMANLee, Hyun Woo$6,900.00$27,490.6025.10%
25.Korea, Republic of MagiKim, Jin Hwan$6,772.00$80,028.188.46%
26.Korea, Republic of WoojaeWoo, Jae Song$6,772.00$17,187.0039.40%
27.Korea, Republic of BDGKim, Dong Young$5,176.00$41,594.6212.44%
28.Korea, Republic of minepangBaek, Chan Hyung$5,108.00$5,357.0095.35%
29.Korea, Republic of HamelinSeo, Sang Hoon$5,044.00$26,951.9118.71%
30.Korea, Republic of nmx31Roh, Jeong Rae$5,044.00$26,951.9118.71%
31.Korea, Republic of DevaSeung, Geon Cha$4,980.00$5,395.0092.31%
32.Korea, Republic of ePrimeKim, Joon Hyung$3,516.00$4,638.0575.81%
33.Korea, Republic of FrankleJeong, Jae Yeop$3,516.00$50,572.686.95%
34.Korea, Republic of GoodMoon, Sung Hyun$3,516.00$70,683.234.97%
35.Korea, Republic of mdkKim, Ji Moon$3,516.00$6,450.0054.51%
36.Korea, Republic of DooSIM-, -$3,448.00$3,697.0093.26%
37.Korea, Republic of CrozOverKim, Jung Ho$3,320.00$3,735.0088.89%
38.Korea, Republic of DDuDDuKo, Doo Hyun$1,792.00$43,792.004.09%
39.Korea, Republic of H82Kim, Jung Woo$1,792.00$37,442.004.79%
40.Korea, Republic of HooliganPark, Jong Hoon$1,792.00$92,397.811.94%
41.Korea, Republic of NaSangNa, Sang Min$1,792.00$33,792.005.30%
42.Korea, Republic of Nocturne-, -$1,792.00$1,792.00100.00%
43.Korea, Republic of PetalLee, Sang Jun$1,792.00$1,792.00100.00%
44.Korea, Republic of SansLee, Jin Young$1,792.00$21,792.008.22%
45.Korea, Republic of taeseokOh, Tae Seok$1,792.00$57,792.003.10%
46.Korea, Republic of ZebagLee, Jeong-heon$1,792.00$13,433.3313.34%
47.Korea, Republic of GGaMang-, -$1,724.00$1,724.00100.00%
48.Korea, Republic of GilducKGil, Deok Hyung$1,724.00$2,329.8074.00%
49.Korea, Republic of HaeBiN-, -$1,724.00$16,121.4710.69%
50.Korea, Republic of HiddenKim, Yoon Hoo$1,724.00$3,752.6045.94%
51.Korea, Republic of JeongFeelKim, Jeong Min$1,724.00$2,329.8074.00%
52.Korea, Republic of KinnuKim, Byeong Gwan$1,724.00$23,004.567.49%
53.Korea, Republic of L1on-, -$1,724.00$1,724.00100.00%
54.Korea, Republic of OnyXian-, -$1,724.00$1,724.00100.00%
55.Korea, Republic of Sungwoo-, -$1,724.00$1,724.00100.00%
56.Korea, Republic of SWoNYoon, Sang Won$1,724.00$1,988.6086.69%
57.Korea, Republic of ArHaNJeong, Won Hyoup$1,660.00$32,386.245.13%
58.Korea, Republic of BlessingKim, Min Jun$1,660.00$1,909.0086.96%
59.Korea, Republic of DaisyShin, Sung Jin$1,660.00$1,909.0086.96%
60.Korea, Republic of hitmaNGoh, In Bin$1,660.00$11,678.9514.21%
61.Korea, Republic of JoJuBaek, Sang Won$1,660.00$22,350.007.43%
62.Korea, Republic of lasterChoi, Hyun Jin$1,660.00$1,660.00100.00%
63.Korea, Republic of QKim, Kun Hee$1,660.00$2,504.0066.29%
64.Korea, Republic of SuriShieldYoo, Yong Jae$1,660.00$1,909.0086.96%