LoL Secondary Pro League / LoL Development League

Prize Money Awarded:
$1,072,121.72 From 13 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2014-02-18 to

Top Player Rankings from Korea, Republic of for LoL Secondary Pro League / LoL Development League

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of ClowzMoon, Jun Seok$23,463.03$23,463.03100.00%
2.Korea, Republic of doinbKim, Tae Sang$13,950.74$306,849.294.55%
3.Korea, Republic of BvoyJu, Yeong Hoon$13,850.63$34,135.1640.58%
4.Korea, Republic of MarilynLee, Yung Sang$11,158.18$11,951.9193.36%
5.Korea, Republic of GimGoonKim, Han Saem$9,445.88$266,509.033.54%
6.Korea, Republic of CrashLee, Dong Woo$9,008.04$41,451.7421.73%
7.Korea, Republic of EasyhoonLee, Ji Hoon$9,008.04$249,497.863.61%
8.Korea, Republic of BaeMeKang, Yang Hyun$8,881.29$77,979.3511.39%
9.Korea, Republic of FuryLee, Jin Yong$8,717.10$19,207.7745.38%
10.Korea, Republic of YoonKim, Byung Yoon$8,717.10$11,086.6378.63%
11.Korea, Republic of ClidKim, Tae Min$7,506.10$118,191.476.35%
12.Korea, Republic of RoadYun, Han Gil$6,625.67$67,819.629.77%
13.Korea, Republic of SwiftBaek, Da Hoon$6,444.64$47,091.6613.69%
14.Korea, Republic of ChieftainLee, Jae Yub$3,256.62$8,250.4839.47%
15.Korea, Republic of GangoByun, Se Hoon$3,222.32$7,479.9443.08%
16.Korea, Republic of HeartLee, Kwan Hyung$3,222.32$75,509.934.27%
17.Korea, Republic of RaphaelKo, Jae Hyun$3,221.60$4,229.0076.18%
18.Korea, Republic of yoloJang, Hyeon Su$3,221.60$3,221.60100.00%
19.Korea, Republic of FireRainChoo, Hwa Woo$3,002.68$3,469.8286.54%
20.Korea, Republic of inSecChoi, In Seok$3,002.44$134,644.842.23%
21.Korea, Republic of GgoongYu, Byeong Jun$2,905.70$43,537.676.67%
22.Korea, Republic of KarinJeong, Soo jong$2,905.70$2,905.70100.00%
23.Korea, Republic of ARKPark, Young Jin$2,576.65$2,576.65100.00%
24.Korea, Republic of ElinkeJung, Hyun Chul$2,576.65$2,666.4096.63%
25.Korea, Republic of OriYoon, Ju Seong$2,576.65$2,576.65100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of RayJeon, Ji Won$2,255.62$105,053.312.15%
27.Korea, Republic of SkyHa, Neul$2,255.12$2,255.12100.00%
28.Korea, Republic of YjinLee, Yong Jin$2,255.12$2,255.12100.00%
29.Korea, Republic of CeptedPark, Wi Rim$1,962.70$7,760.0325.29%
30.Korea, Republic of KhanKim, Dong Ha$1,610.80$208,418.280.77%
31.Korea, Republic of MightybearKim, Min Su$1,610.80$7,829.9820.57%
32.Korea, Republic of TANKPark, Dan Won$1,456.66$24,439.865.96%