Nexon Dota 2 Events

Prize Money Awarded:
$373,039.02 From 8 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2013-07-06 to

Top Player Rankings from Korea, Republic of for Nexon Dota 2 Events

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of JyuPark, Min Jun$19,177.55$27,238.4370.41%
2.Korea, Republic of ksHKim, Sang Hi$19,177.55$21,749.3288.18%
3.Korea, Republic of MPPyo, Noah$19,177.55$591,176.773.24%
4.Korea, Republic of TenbirdJeffrey Yi$19,177.55$23,737.0380.79%
5.Korea, Republic of GandhiIk, Jae Song$18,821.76$19,221.7697.92%
6.Korea, Republic of MarchPark, Tae Won$18,456.33$382,610.974.82%
7.Korea, Republic of ReisenLee, Jun Yeong$16,061.11$59,162.0227.15%
8.Korea, Republic of ForevLee, Sang Don$15,736.28$541,037.112.91%
9.Korea, Republic of HeenLee, Seung Gon$15,171.63$83,165.3218.24%
10.Korea, Republic of QOKim, Sunyeob$5,365.98$591,322.790.91%
11.Korea, Republic of AnarchyJaeho, Hwangbo$3,848.82$4,121.8293.38%
12.Korea, Republic of SagunLee, Kyung Min$3,848.82$6,187.5362.20%
13.Korea, Republic of FebbyKim, Yong Min$3,284.70$607,421.880.54%
14.Korea, Republic of BaNhwaYoon, Deok Soo$2,587.19$6,639.2238.97%
15.Korea, Republic of MafiAKim, Byung Hoon$2,587.19$2,587.19100.00%
16.Korea, Republic of F(x)Choi, Jong Seob$2,081.28$3,516.9659.18%
17.Korea, Republic of pYungKwang, Pyeong$2,073.26$3,618.2657.30%
18.Korea, Republic of 2521Ho, Jeon Min$1,517.16$1,517.16100.00%
19.Korea, Republic of PlsDunKillMeHo, Kim Sang$1,517.16$1,517.16100.00%
20.Korea, Republic of HoonjiBaek, Ji Hoon$1,133.59$2,248.6350.41%
21.Korea, Republic of SunBhieLee, Jeong Jae$1,133.06$21,741.665.21%
22.Korea, Republic of FebruaryDae, David$889.48$889.48100.00%
23.Korea, Republic of JYUKang, Tae-Young$889.48$889.48100.00%
24.Korea, Republic of AdaMKim, Yun Sik$568.94$1,315.0243.26%
25.Korea, Republic of jum0ngJang, Seong Beom$568.94$568.94100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of LlyKim, Sang Ho$568.94$568.94100.00%
27.Korea, Republic of KaizerLee, Dae Hwan$564.65$564.65100.00%
28.Korea, Republic of FruscianteShin, Hee-Sung$355.79$355.79100.00%
29.Korea, Republic of FuriousSong, Ik Jae$355.79$355.79100.00%
30.Korea, Republic of JesusStickPark, Yoon-Soo$355.79$3,164.1211.24%
31.Korea, Republic of ParkPark, Gap-Yeol$355.79$355.79100.00%
32.Korea, Republic of Teacher LeeLee, Min-Woo$355.79$355.79100.00%
33.Korea, Republic of yPieKim, Dae-Hwan$355.79$1,128.2931.53%