Age of Empires IV

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$816,935.68 From 248 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2021-09-18 to

Top Countries For Age of Empires IV

1.France France$176,617.6724 Players
2.Serbia Serbia$85,089.722 Players
3.Spain Spain$82,498.058 Players
4.Canada Canada$80,982.9116 Players
5.Greece Greece$67,312.691 Player
6.United Kingdom United Kingdom$53,821.9410 Players
7.China China$44,565.95182 Players
8.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$43,132.5923 Players
9.Norway Norway$39,735.001 Player
10.Germany Germany$24,100.8533 Players
11.Australia Australia$18,737.8618 Players
12.Russian Federation Russian Federation$15,570.3441 Players
13.Turkey Turkey$13,308.475 Players
14.Argentina Argentina$12,783.733 Players
15.United States United States$11,504.6823 Players
16.Sweden Sweden$9,929.295 Players
17.Netherlands Netherlands$5,880.835 Players
18.Viet Nam Viet Nam$4,862.4410 Players
19.Brazil Brazil$4,465.4115 Players
20.Hungary Hungary$3,082.602 Players
21.Japan Japan$2,985.675 Players
22.Finland Finland$2,561.008 Players
23.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$2,554.015 Players
24.Romania Romania$1,652.002 Players
25.Poland Poland$1,651.973 Players
26.Ukraine Ukraine$1,588.503 Players
27.Thailand Thailand$1,477.004 Players
28.Switzerland Switzerland$1,332.807 Players
29.Austria Austria$1,220.624 Players
30.Mexico Mexico$657.513 Players
31.Belarus Belarus$375.051 Player
32.New Zealand New Zealand$170.001 Player
33.Italy Italy$160.462 Players
34.Portugal Portugal$128.322 Players
35.--UNDEFINED-- --UNDEFINED--$123.363 Players
36.Hong Kong Hong Kong$122.001 Player
37.Peru Peru$92.353 Players
38.North Macedonia North Macedonia$29.421 Player
39.Israel Israel$27.001 Player
40.Denmark Denmark$20.401 Player
41.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$15.001 Player
42.Czech Republic Czech Republic$10.002 Players
43.Chile Chile$9.002 Players