Free Fire Esports

Free Fire

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$3,316,392.23 From 16 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2019-04-07 to

Largest Prize Pools For Free Fire

1.Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore$2,010,000.0022 Teams114 Players
2.Free Fire World Series 2019$380,000.0012 Teams52 Players
3.Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Asia$300,000.0012 Teams57 Players
4.Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 2$165,107.4726 Teams67 Players
5.Free Fire World Cup 2019$102,400.0015 Teams53 Players
6.Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 1$95,360.0015 Teams51 Players
7.Free Fire Asia All-Stars (Pros)$50,000.0012 Teams58 Players
8.FREE FIRE ASIA INVITATIONAL$46,500.0013 Teams5 Players
9.FREE FIRE ASIA INVITATIONAL$46,500.0013 Teams0 Players
10.Free Fire Copa América 2020$33,000.006 Teams8 Players
11.Free Fire Asia All-Stars (Influencers)$30,000.0012 Teams48 Players
12.LBFF 2020: Series A - Stage 1$20,671.643 Teams15 Players
13.Arena of Survival 2019$18,924.7612 Teams0 Players
14.Free Fire Pro League Brazil Season 2$9,336.495 Teams8 Players
15.Free Fire Pro League Brazil Season 3$8,441.875 Teams20 Players
16.PRO TEAM SCRIM$150.001 Team3 Players