Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Esports

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$1,030,332.24 From 827 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2018-12-08 to

Top Countries For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

1.United States United States$542,792.91893 Players
2.Mexico Mexico$127,655.4248 Players
3.France France$106,509.58135 Players
4.Canada Canada$50,726.70170 Players
5.Japan Japan$42,698.5319 Players
6.Germany Germany$27,186.6799 Players
7.United Kingdom United Kingdom$27,143.61116 Players
8.Netherlands Netherlands$22,707.5665 Players
9.Spain Spain$9,193.9580 Players
10.Austria Austria$8,699.6321 Players
11.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic$6,298.805 Players
12.Australia Australia$5,031.4329 Players
13.Sweden Sweden$4,125.1216 Players
14.New Zealand New Zealand$3,819.203 Players
15.Qatar Qatar$3,317.544 Players
16.Brazil Brazil$2,850.7126 Players
17.Italy Italy$2,716.6136 Players
18.Chile Chile$2,577.3628 Players
19.China China$2,512.742 Players
20.Finland Finland$2,456.4123 Players
21.Belgium Belgium$2,196.6510 Players
22.Luxembourg Luxembourg$1,959.3813 Players
23.Norway Norway$1,631.0115 Players
24.India India$1,484.769 Players
25.Greece Greece$1,351.707 Players
26.Switzerland Switzerland$1,302.449 Players
27.Colombia Colombia$869.505 Players
28.Iraq Iraq$837.491 Player
29.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$708.883 Players
30.Philippines Philippines$514.541 Player
31.Hong Kong Hong Kong$467.173 Players
32.Israel Israel$312.4311 Players
33.Sri Lanka Sri Lanka$285.141 Player
34.Panama Panama$282.516 Players
35.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$234.091 Player
36.Ecuador Ecuador$234.008 Players
37.Lebanon Lebanon$230.001 Player
38.Jamaica Jamaica$188.631 Player
39.Portugal Portugal$124.303 Players
40.Venezuela Venezuela$79.503 Players
41.Peru Peru$74.723 Players
42.Andorra Andorra$73.621 Player
43.Costa Rica Costa Rica$65.383 Players
44.South Africa South Africa$49.891 Player
45.Ireland Ireland$43.783 Players
46.Poland Poland$39.104 Players
47.Honduras Honduras$36.873 Players
48.Guatemala Guatemala$30.001 Player
49.Argentina Argentina$13.171 Player
50.Hungary Hungary$5.501 Player