Gwent Esports


Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$798,757.17 From 108 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2017-03-25 to

Top Countries For Gwent

1.Germany Germany$264,979.8720 Players
2.Poland Poland$146,748.1354 Players
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$118,183.119 Players
4.Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Republic of$61,800.001 Player
5.China China$58,412.5222 Players
6.Austria Austria$34,603.705 Players
7.Canada Canada$20,052.623 Players
8.Ukraine Ukraine$17,350.459 Players
9.Russian Federation Russian Federation$16,948.7132 Players
10.United States United States$14,537.6934 Players
11.Brazil Brazil$11,352.6415 Players
12.Belarus Belarus$9,152.247 Players
13.Spain Spain$3,786.787 Players
14.Finland Finland$3,758.473 Players
15.Romania Romania$3,195.003 Players
16.Netherlands Netherlands$2,983.464 Players
17.Czech Republic Czech Republic$2,454.846 Players
18.Belgium Belgium$1,360.003 Players
19.Italy Italy$1,317.906 Players
20.Hungary Hungary$1,005.892 Players
21.Australia Australia$898.586 Players
22.Serbia Serbia$745.992 Players
23.Slovenia Slovenia$710.945 Players
24.Japan Japan$578.579 Players
25.France France$569.7417 Players
26.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$480.398 Players
27.Slovakia Slovakia$162.314 Players
28.Norway Norway$120.001 Player
29.New Zealand New Zealand$94.332 Players
30.Ireland Ireland$88.741 Player
31.Bulgaria Bulgaria$80.723 Players
32.South Africa South Africa$75.003 Players
33.Lithuania Lithuania$56.171 Player
34.Turkey Turkey$35.703 Players
35.Malaysia Malaysia$30.001 Player
36.Portugal Portugal$20.001 Player
37.Greece Greece$10.001 Player
38.Latvia Latvia$5.971 Player
39.Argentina Argentina$5.001 Player
40.Denmark Denmark$5.001 Player