Diabotical Esports


Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$231,155.41 From 295 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2020-03-01 to

Largest Prize Pools For Diabotical

1.Test Tournament Series: January (EU)$20,000.0012 Teams36 Players
2.Test Tournament Series: January (NA)$20,000.0012 Teams36 Players
3.Test Tournament Series: November (EU)$15,000.0012 Teams36 Players
4.Test Tournament Series: November (NA)$15,000.0012 Teams36 Players
5.Factory Diabotical Duel Masters$10,000.00 16 Players
6.Test Tournament Series: October (EU)$10,000.0012 Teams36 Players
7.Test Tournament Series: October (NA)$10,000.0012 Teams36 Players
8.Diabotical Wipeout League: Season 2$5,000.003 Teams14 Players
9.Diabotical Wipeout League: Season 3 (Europe)$5,000.004 Teams22 Players
10.Diabotical Wipeout League: Season 3 (North America)$5,000.004 Teams21 Players
11.Test Tournament Series: December (EU)$5,000.00 16 Players
12.Test Tournament Series: December (NA)$5,000.00 16 Players
13.Factory Diabotical Invitational$3,085.61 8 Players
14.Kuachicups November Team Finals$2,826.278 Teams26 Players
15.Test Tournament Series: September (EU)$2,500.00 8 Players
16.Test Tournament Series: September (NA)$2,500.00 8 Players
17.Kuachicups October Team Finals$2,441.888 Teams24 Players
18.Factory Diabotical Draft$2,020.984 Teams16 Players
19.Juked Diabotical Duel Cup #1$2,000.00 6 Players
20.The Fatal1ty Aim Duel (EU)$2,000.00 16 Players
21.The Fatal1ty Aim Duel (NA)$2,000.00 16 Players
22.Diabotical Pro Series: Time Trials League (Race)$1,750.00 8 Players
23.Diabotical Pro Series: Time Trials League (Vintage)$1,750.00 8 Players
24.GetCracked! Duel Challenge$1,500.00 8 Players
25.TimCon Mega$1,500.00 8 Players
26.Kuachicups MacGuffin League$1,490.938 Teams26 Players
27.Juked.GG EU Launch Cup$1,400.00 3 Players
28.Juked.GG NA Launch Cup$1,400.00 3 Players
29.The SQUAWK Circuit Finals$1,393.00 8 Players
30.DEATHMATCH TV LAN #6: Duel$1,320.00 4 Players
31.DreamHack Community Clash: 2v2 TDM$1,250.003 Teams6 Players
32.Diabotical French LAN: Duel$1,129.75 6 Players
33.ZenSports January 2v2 TDM$1,083.0010 Teams20 Players
34.DEATHMATCH TV LAN #6: Wipeout$1,080.004 Teams12 Players
35.GetCracked! Wipeout #1$1,050.003 Teams11 Players
36.ZenSports February 2v2 TDM$1,020.008 Teams16 Players
37.ZenSports February Duel Cup (EU)$1,020.00 8 Players
38.Kuachicups October Duel$1,002.67 8 Players
39.Diabotical Pro Series: April (Americas)$1,000.00 8 Players
40.Diabotical Pro Series: April (Europe)$1,000.00 8 Players
41.Diabotical Pro Series: EggCup (Diabotical)$1,000.00 8 Players
42.Diabotical Pro Series: EggCup (Race)$1,000.00 8 Players
43.Diabotical Pro Series: EggCup (Vintage)$1,000.00 8 Players
44.Diabotical Pro Series: February (Americas)$1,000.00 8 Players
45.Diabotical Pro Series: February (Europe)$1,000.00 8 Players
46.Diabotical Pro Series: January (Americas)$1,000.00 8 Players
47.Diabotical Pro Series: January (Europe)$1,000.00 8 Players
48.Diabotical Pro Series: June (Americas)$1,000.00 8 Players
49.Diabotical Pro Series: June (Europe)$1,000.00 8 Players
50.Diabotical Pro Series: March (Americas)$1,000.00 8 Players
51.Diabotical Pro Series: March (Europe)$1,000.00 8 Players
52.Diabotical Pro Series: May (Americas)$1,000.00 8 Players
53.Diabotical Pro Series: May (Europe)$1,000.00 8 Players
54.Diabotical Pro Series: Race (Head-to-Head)$1,000.00 8 Players
55.Female Diabotical Invitational #2$1,000.004 Teams8 Players
56.Female Diabotical Invitational #3$1,000.004 Teams8 Players
57.Kuachicups November Duel$989.61 8 Players
58.Four Seasons Gaming 4v4 Wipeout #1 - Elite$850.563 Teams12 Players
59.DEATHMATCH TV League: Season 1$850.00 16 Players
60.Diabotical Birthday Series: EU Race$830.00 8 Players
61.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA Race$830.00 8 Players
62.Diabotical Birthday Series: Vintage Race$830.00 8 Players
63.ZenSports December Duel Cup (NA)$782.00 5 Players
64.ZenSports December Duel Cup (EU)$770.00 3 Players
65.DreamHack Community Clash: Duel$750.00 6 Players
66.TimCon Royale #1$750.00 4 Players
67.Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #1$675.00 8 Players
68.Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #2$675.00 8 Players
69.Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #3$675.00 8 Players
70.Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #4$675.00 8 Players
71.Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #5$675.00 8 Players
72.Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #6$675.00 8 Players
73.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #1$675.00 8 Players
74.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #2$675.00 8 Players
75.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #3$675.00 8 Players
76.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #4$675.00 8 Players
77.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #5$675.00 8 Players
78.Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #6$675.00 8 Players
79.Diabotical Pro Series: April (Asia-Pacific)$675.00 8 Players
80.Diabotical Pro Series: February (APAC)$675.00 8 Players
81.Diabotical Pro Series: January (APAC)$675.00 8 Players
82.Diabotical Pro Series: June (Asia-Pacific)$675.00 8 Players
83.Diabotical Pro Series: March (APAC)$675.00 8 Players
84.Diabotical Pro Series: May (APAC)$675.00 8 Players
85.Female Diabotical Invitational #1$570.006 Teams12 Players
86.Eggsistential Crisis: Final Exam Week$550.00 8 Players
87.Kuachicups October Team Open$535.508 Teams26 Players
88.ZenSports December Team Cup (EU)$519.503 Teams9 Players
89.GetCracked! 3v3 MacGuffin$500.006 Teams20 Players
90.GetCracked! Xmas Wipeout Bash$500.003 Teams9 Players
91.Nerd St. Gamers Diabotical Duels #1$500.00 2 Players
92.Nerd St. Gamers Diabotical Duels #2$500.00 3 Players
93.Pigeon Classic: Duel$500.00 3 Players
94.Pigeon Classic: Wipeout$500.003 Teams9 Players
95.Birds of a Feather$415.005 Teams11 Players
96.Juked Diabotical Duel Cup #2$407.09 4 Players
97.Diabotical Birthday Series: Asia-Pacific #1$400.00 6 Players
98.Diabotical Birthday Series: Asia-Pacific #2$400.00 6 Players
99.Diabotical Birthday Series: Asia-Pacific #3$400.00 6 Players
100.GetCracked! Esports Circuit #1$400.003 Teams9 Players