Diabotical Esports


Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$178,198.65 From 179 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2020-03-01 to

Top Countries For Diabotical

1.United States United States$65,360.09127 Players
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$39,292.0856 Players
3.Australia Australia$10,313.4684 Players
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$9,938.0518 Players
5.Poland Poland$9,017.249 Players
6.Netherlands Netherlands$7,721.665 Players
7.Belarus Belarus$7,555.004 Players
8.Canada Canada$5,576.5210 Players
9.Denmark Denmark$4,331.384 Players
10.Italy Italy$2,269.013 Players
11.Germany Germany$2,206.0612 Players
12.Latvia Latvia$2,167.781 Player
13.Serbia Serbia$1,798.133 Players
14.Lithuania Lithuania$1,743.501 Player
15.France France$1,706.8412 Players
16.Portugal Portugal$1,289.021 Player
17.New Zealand New Zealand$1,061.178 Players
18.Spain Spain$914.923 Players
19.Estonia Estonia$745.003 Players
20.Finland Finland$688.003 Players
21.Czech Republic Czech Republic$683.331 Player
22.Albania Albania$258.711 Player
23.Sweden Sweden$235.423 Players
24.Romania Romania$190.001 Player
25.Bulgaria Bulgaria$150.001 Player
26.Argentina Argentina$125.002 Players
27.Chile Chile$121.222 Players
28.Brazil Brazil$100.001 Player
29.Ireland Ireland$100.001 Player
30.Wallis And Futuna Wallis And Futuna$100.001 Player
31.Mexico Mexico$82.501 Player
32.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$76.191 Player
33.Switzerland Switzerland$70.142 Players
34.Ukraine Ukraine$68.231 Player
35.Japan Japan$50.001 Player
36.Norway Norway$50.001 Player
37.Belgium Belgium$33.342 Players
38.Hungary Hungary$5.861 Player
39.Peru Peru$4.001 Player