Black Monster Cup Fall 2014

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2014-07-14 to 2014-11-03

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$11,150.0013 Players
2.Germany Germany$3,825.943 Players
3.France France$2,902.443 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$2,902.442 Players
5.Poland Poland$2,473.696 Players
6.Finland Finland$1,978.941 Player
7.Canada Canada$1,350.004 Players
8.Spain Spain$989.455 Players
9.Bulgaria Bulgaria$923.501 Player
10.Hungary Hungary$923.501 Player
11.Russian Federation Russian Federation$857.555 Players
12.Czech Republic Czech Republic$758.604 Players
13.Iraq Iraq$700.001 Player
14.Belgium Belgium$461.751 Player
15.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$300.002 Players
16.United Kingdom United Kingdom$296.853 Players
17.Slovakia Slovakia$197.902 Players
18.Denmark Denmark$98.951 Player
19.Netherlands Netherlands$98.951 Player
20.Ukraine Ukraine$98.951 Player


Black Monster Cup Fall NA 2014-$15,000.00League of Legends 
Black Monster Cup Fall EU 2014€15,000.00$19,789.35League of Legends