European Masters Summer 2022

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2022-08-24 to 2022-09-25

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Poland Poland$30,239.4411 Players
2.France France$21,403.248 Players
3.Germany Germany$12,370.689 Players
4.Norway Norway$8,639.842 Players
5.Sweden Sweden$8,639.846 Players
6.Hungary Hungary$8,345.302 Players
7.Romania Romania$7,854.401 Player
8.Denmark Denmark$7,559.866 Players
9.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$6,283.524 Players
10.Slovenia Slovenia$5,399.902 Players
11.United Kingdom United Kingdom$3,927.203 Players
12.Bulgaria Bulgaria$3,141.762 Players
13.Netherlands Netherlands$2,847.224 Players
14.Slovakia Slovakia$2,650.861 Player
15.Turkey Turkey$2,650.861 Player
16.Italy Italy$2,356.323 Players
17.Lithuania Lithuania$2,356.322 Players
18.Latvia Latvia$1,570.881 Player
19.Portugal Portugal$1,570.881 Player
20.Croatia Croatia$981.802 Players
21.Albania Albania$785.441 Player
22.Belarus Belarus$785.441 Player
23.Czech Republic Czech Republic$785.441 Player
24.Estonia Estonia$785.441 Player
25.Spain Spain$785.441 Player
26.Greece Greece$785.441 Player
27.North Macedonia North Macedonia$785.441 Player
28.Ireland Ireland$490.901 Player
29.Serbia Serbia$490.901 Player


European Masters Summer 2022€150,000.00$147,270.00League of Legends