Name:Lee, Hyung Woo
Country: Korea, Republic of

CloudTemplar vs WildTurtle

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11Tournaments Ranked38
$85,433.00Prize Money Earned$170,816.13

Prize Difference
»»»»»»»»»» $85,383.13


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Jason "WildTurtle" Tran
Name:Jason Tran
Country: Canada

   2020-09-06LCS 2020 Summer $8,333.33-2nd
   2020-04-19LCS 2020 Spring $8,333.33-2nd
   2019-04-13LCS 2019 Spring $4,166.67-3rd-4th
   2017-05-21Mid-Season Invitational 2017 $16,900.00-5th-6th
   2017-04-23Riot NA LCS 2017 Spring $20,000.00-1st
   2016-11-20IEM XI - Oakland (LoL) $2,000.00-3rd-4th
   2016-08-28Riot NA LCS 2016 Summer $3,000.00-3rd
   2016-04-17Riot NA LCS 2016 Spring $3,000.00-3rd
   2015-10-31LoL 2015 World Championship $5,000.00-14th-16th
   2015-08-23Riot NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs $5,000.00-2nd
   2015-04-19Riot NA LCS 2015 Spring Playoffs $10,000.00-1st
   2015-03-15IEM IX - World Championship (LoL) $21,682.80-1st
   2014-12-07IEM IX - San Jose (LoL) $1,000.00-3rd-4th
   2014-10-19LoL 2014 World Championship $15,000.00-5th-8th
   2014-09-01Riot NA LCS Season 4 Summer Playoffs $10,000.00-1st
   2014-04-20NA LCS Season 4 Spring Playoffs $5,000.00-2nd
   2013-12-22Battle of the Atlantic 2013 - Winning Region $1,000.00-WIN
   2013-12-22Battle of the Atlantic 2013 - Winning Region $1,000.00-1st
   2013-12-15Battle of the Atlantic 2013 - Team SoloMid vs. Lemondogs $1,000.00-WIN
   2013-10-04LoL Season 3 World Championship $6,000.00-11th-12th
   2013-09-01NA LCS Season 3 Summer Playoffs $5,000.00-2nd
4th₩3,600,000$3,243.542013-08-31OGN Champions Summer 2013    
4th₩2,571,429$2,280.242013-06-15OGN Champions Spring 2013    
   2013-04-28NA LCS Season 3 Spring Playoffs $10,000.00-1st
   2013-03-17MLG Winter Championship 2013 (LoL) $4,000.00-1st
2nd-$5,000.002013-03-09IEM VII - World Championship (LoL)    
4th₩100,000$92.142013-02-23OGN Club Masters    
   2013-02-21MLG Rising Stars Invitational #6 $100.00-1st
   2013-02-21MLG Rising Stars Invitational #6 - Title Fight $100.00-WIN
   2013-02-14MLG Rising Stars Invitational #5 $100.00-1st
   2013-02-07MLG Rising Stars Invitational #4 $100.00-1st
2nd₩8,000,000$7,305.942013-02-02OGN Champions Winter 2012-2013    
3rd-4th-$900.002013-01-20IEM VII - Katowice (LoL)    
   2013-01-18MLG Rising Stars Invitational #1 $100.00-1st
   2013-01-06Solomid NA Invitational #12 $60.00-3rd
   2012-12-19MLG Prizefights #13 $200.00-WIN
   2012-12-16SoloMid Series Finals $600.00-2nd
   2012-12-12MLG Prizefights #11 $200.00-WIN
   2012-11-11Lone Star Clash 2 (LoL) $400.00-3rd
2nd-$50,000.002012-10-13LoL Season 2 World Championship    
   2012-09-30Solomid NA Invitational #11 $240.00-1st
1st₩10,000,000$8,845.642012-09-08OGN Champions Summer 2012    
   2012-08-26MLG Summer Championship 2012 (LoL) $800.00-5th-6th
   2012-08-14MLG Prizefights #2 $200.00-WIN
   2012-08-12IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown $1,000.00-3rd
   2012-07-31MLG Prizefights #1 $200.00-WIN
2nd₩8,000,000$6,821.282012-05-19OGN Champions Spring 2012    
1st₩1,000,000$852.662012-02-17OGN LoL Invitational    
2nd₩100,000$91.562011-12-02Inven Allstar-Tournament 2011