Name:Lee, Hyung Woo
Country: Korea, Republic of

CloudTemplar vs Wickd

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11Tournaments Ranked63
$85,433.00Prize Money Earned$99,008.88

Prize Difference
»»»»»»»»»» $13,575.88


Placements In Same Tournament
3/71 (4.23%)

Name:Mike Peterson
Country: Denmark

   2020-04-02Twitch Rivals EU Team Draft #2 2020 $400.00-6th
   2019-09-28TwitchCon 2019 - TFT $1,025.00-12th
   2019-09-06Teamfight Tactics Road to TwitchCon $1,675.00-11th
   2016-08-13Turkish Champions League Summer 2016 $221.64650 TL5th-6th
   2016-03-15EU Challenger Series Spring 2016 Playoffs $1,419.86€1,300.002nd
   2016-02-23EU Challenger Series Spring 2016 Regular Season $2,912.53€2,666.674th
   2015-11-22DoigCup 2 $475.03€428.571st
   2015-11-15PGL Legends of the Rift - Season 1 - Finals $600.00-4th
   2015-10-11PGL Legends of the Rift - Season 1 - Group B $300.00-1st
   2015-08-12EU Challenger Series Summer 2015 Playoffs $528.49€480.004th
   2015-07-22EU Challenger Series Summer 2015 Regular Season $1,468.03€1,333.333rd
   2015-07-05eSports Festival 2015 (LoL) $2,222.97€2,000.001st
   2014-12-07IEM IX - San Jose (LoL) $1,000.00-3rd-4th
   2014-10-19LoL 2014 World Championship $9,000.00-9th-11th
   2014-08-16Riot EU LCS Season 4 Summer Playoffs $10,000.00-1st
   2014-04-17EU LCS Season 4 Spring Playoffs $2,000.00-4th
   2013-12-14Battle of the Atlantic 2013 - Dignitas vs. Alliance $1,000.00-WIN
4th₩3,600,000$3,243.542013-08-31OGN Champions Summer 2013    
   2013-08-25EU LCS Season 3 Summer Playoffs $2,000.00-4th
4th₩2,571,429$2,280.242013-06-15OGN Champions Spring 2013    
   2013-04-28EU LCS Season 3 Spring Playoffs $3,000.00-3rd
2nd-$5,000.002013-03-09IEM VII - World Championship (LoL)!$1,180.00-7th-8th
4th₩100,000$92.142013-02-23OGN Club Masters    
2nd₩8,000,000$7,305.942013-02-02OGN Champions Winter 2012-2013    
3rd-4th-$900.002013-01-20IEM VII - Katowice (LoL)    
   2012-12-16IEM VII - Cologne (LoL) $600.00-5th-6th
   2012-12-02IGN Pro League Season 5 (LoL) $500.00-5th-6th
   2012-11-23DreamHack Winter 2012 (LoL) $2,563.8517,000 SEK2nd
   2012-11-11Lone Star Clash 2 (LoL) $1,500.00-1st
   2012-11-04MLG Fall Championship 2012 (LoL) $800.00-3rd
2nd-$50,000.002012-10-13LoL Season 2 World Championship!$30,000.00-3rd-4th
   2012-09-26MLG Prizefights #5 $200.00-WIN
1st₩10,000,000$8,845.642012-09-08OGN Champions Summer 2012!$3,538.26₩4,000,0002nd
   2012-08-19Season 2 Regional Finals - Colonge $5,000.00-3rd
   2012-07-29ECC: Poland $2,000.00-2nd
   2012-06-18DreamHack Summer 2012 (LoL) $3,000.00-1st
2nd₩8,000,000$6,821.282012-05-19OGN Champions Spring 2012    
   2012-05-16Corsair Vengeance Cup $1,200.00-1st
   2012-05-14Solomid EU Invitational #1 $102.75€80.002nd
   2012-05-054PL Play4Fame May 2012 - Qualifier #1 $51.19€40.00WIN
   2012-05-024PL Play4Fame April 2012 - Monthly Final $79.00€60.002nd
   2012-04-144PL Play4Fame April 2012 - Qualifier #2 $52.66€40.00WIN
   2012-04-09Gamers Assembly 2012 (LoL) $392.36€300.003rd
   2012-04-01Absolute Pro League: March $264.16€200.001st
   2012-03-31All or Nothing #1 $133.44€100.00WIN
   2012-03-29Go4LoL EUW February 2012 $26.42€20.00WIN
1st₩1,000,000$852.662012-02-17OGN LoL Invitational    
   2012-01-31Kings of Europe $386.84€300.001st
   2011-12-22Go4LoL EUW November 2011 $131.58€100.00WIN
2nd₩100,000$91.562011-12-02Inven Allstar-Tournament 2011    
   2011-11-20Go4LoL EUW #64 $27.12€20.00WIN
   2011-10-30Go4LoL EUW #61 $27.45€20.00WIN
   2011-10-16IEM VI - New York (LoL) $1,200.00-2nd
   2011-10-05IEM VI - Guangzhou (LoL) $680.00-3rd
   2011-09-27Go4LoL EUW August 2011 $137.64€100.00WIN
   2011-09-04Go4LoL EUW #53 $27.53€20.00WIN
   2011-08-21IEM VI - Cologne (LoL) $420.00-5th-6th
   2011-08-20EMS Season VIII (LoL) $716.86€500.001st
   2011-08-08Go4LoL EUW #49 $28.67€20.00WIN
   2011-07-23Go4LoL EUW #45 $28.60€20.00WIN
   2011-06-26Go4LoL EU #43 $28.78€20.00WIN
   2011-05-15Go4LoL EU #37 $28.63€20.00WIN
   2011-03-27Go4LoL EU #30 $28.04€20.00WIN
   2011-03-04IEM V - World Championships (LoL) $490.00-3rd
   2011-02-13Go4LoL EU #24 $27.30€20.00WIN
   2011-01-30Go4LoL EU #22 $26.73€20.00WIN
   2011-01-16Go4LoL EU #20 $26.73€20.00WIN
   2011-01-02Go4LoL EU #18 $26.73€20.00WIN
   2010-12-19Go4LoL EU #16 $26.45€20.00WIN
   2010-11-14Go4LoL EU #11 $27.28€20.00WIN
   2010-11-07Go4LoL EU #10 $27.28€20.00WIN