ARMS Asia & Oceania Championship 2

Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

Welcome to the second ARMS Asia & Oceania Championship, the ARMS online tournament specific to Asia and Oceania region. The tournament is open to everyone in the regions and it's free to enter!

Please join ARMS Australia Discord for matchmaking in tournament:

The tournament will be streamed live on:


Characters and ARMS

All characters are eligible and custom ARMS is allowed. To keep everything fair, every participant must use the + version of their ARMS. In the case that the + ARMS is not unlocked, please use Tournament Mode to participate in this tournament. See this link for the detail about Tournament Mode.

Stages and stage striking

Following is the eligible stages of this tournament:

Mausoleum Scrapyard Buster Beach DNA Lab Via Dolce Temple Grounds Sparring Ring To decide which stage to play on each match, both players must engage in a chat on the Discord channel and do stage striking. The stage striking is done in 1-2-2-1 fashion - first player strike one stage, second player strike two stages, first player strike two stages and finally the second player strike one last stage, the remaining stage is what will be played.

For the first match, the higher seed will strike first. For the second and following matches, the winner will strike first.

Matches and brackets

Bracket is a preview until the tournament start, please check back for the final bracket right after the tournament start to find your opponent. Check-in will begin one hour before the tournament start, you must check-in to confirm your participation.

To join in a match, all players must participate in the Discord channel. The admin will help coordinating matches, some matches might be streamed, so please follow the instruction.

To continue in the bracket, the player must win a best of 3 matches. Exception is the winner final and grand final, which to decide for the champion, the player must win a best of 5 matches. Players are responsible to report the score

Tournament Results


Prize Money By Country

1.Pakistan Pakistan$70.001 Player
2.China China$20.001 Player
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$10.001 Player


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