ARMS Random #3

Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

We know your main, we know your load-out. But what happens when it's randomized?



  1. Characters and ARMS:

-Characters and Arms will be randomized using the ARMSBOT (Those who are unfamiliar, the commands are ?rnd for random arms and ?rnd char for random character). You are responsible for finding out your new load-out through ARMSBOT.

  • In the event you have double or triple of the same ARMS, you may reroll. This does not include "clones/genres" of ARMS.

-Every new match you will need to randomize your ARMS and Character again. This means you should have at least 2 randomized sets per B03.

  1. Stages:

-Mausoleum, Temple grounds, Sparring Ring, Buster Beach, DNA Lab, Via Dolce and Scrapyard.

-To keep a competitive atmosphere, we will keep the stages we normally use in tournaments. The host of the lobby will set these stages and when both players are readied up, the match will OBVIOUSLY randomize it for you.

  1. ARMSBOT: -We have a dedicated channel for the ARMSBOT to work in, please use commands in the #Bot-Channel OR in the #C1-5 Channels. THIS IS A REMINDER, the ARMSBOT can sometimes double the output of a set if players post the same command at the same time. PLEASE be aware of this and use these channels to lessen the chances of that!

Tournaments-Channel is where you can chat with other players, however the #C1-5 Channels can also be used.

COMMANDS: Random Arms = ?RND, Random Character = ?RND CHAR. If you want to set up a banner with you FC and settings Use the ?H command for the bot to send you a message with those details. ?Whois will make it easier to find your Friend codes if you are already registered in ARMSBOT

4.The tournament will be: Double Elimination.

                                                       B03 until FINALS

                                                       Loser Finals and Finals are Bo5


-If there is lag contact a mod with a clip of it & it will be determined as lag or not, if so, action will b

Tournament Results


Prize Money By Country

1.Pakistan Pakistan$25.001 Player
2.United States United States$10.001 Player
3.Canada Canada$5.001 Player


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