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Submitted:Nov 16th, 2020 7:12:44 AM

in the Twitch Rivals: Minecraft Bingo Challenge:

There was a Bonus Price Pool of 1500$.
You can see at the Bottom left of the official page this information:

"Bonus Pricing "1500$", this makes sense because it was a 100 000$ tornament and the sum without this bonus price was 98 500$.
The team that earned this Bonus Price Pool is Team ElRichMC, they earned a total of 21 500$ so 5375$ per player (instead of 5000$ per player).

Tweet from ElRichMC showing that Team ElRichMC is 1st on Bonus Prizing Scores:

There are no other public reliable source, if needed email me for private reliable source.
Thank you very much!