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Submitted:Jan 5th, 2020 6:24:36 AM

In the UK, the rules for the sale of tobacco and electronic cigarettes will change, and a ban on smoking in personal cars with passengers under the age of 18 will also be introduced.

According to information on the UK government website, legislative changes have been made to protect children from the risks associated with passive consumption of tobacco products, the so-called second-hand smoke. By the way, many customers continue to buy <a href="">cheap cigarettes</a> in the UK.

Starting this October, the UK will strictly prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes and liquid fillers for them to persons under the age of eighteen, as well as the purchase of such products by adult citizens in the interests of persons under the specified age.

In addition, it will be strictly forbidden to smoke tobacco products in closed private cars when transporting people under the age of 18, and the responsibility extends to the driver not only in case of personal violation of the rule but also if he does not prevent the passenger from smoking while transporting a minor. Smoking in a car alone is not an offence.

The car smoking rule applies to all types of tobacco products but does not apply to electronic cigarettes.

The punishment for violating the new rules is £ 50. If both the driver and the passenger smoke in the car while transporting a minor, a fine of up to two can be applied to the driver while punishing the passenger at the same time.

The government also clarifies which types of vehicles fall into the category of “closed personal vehicles” - these are any cars with a fully or partially closed roof. Convertibles in the fully unfolded state are excluded from the rule of law, while cars with sunroofs are in any case considered to be “closed personal cars”. Smoking with an open car door does not cancel the rule of law.

Also in the category of “closed personal vehicles” fall all types of trailers and closed trailers when they are used to transport people. The same funds are excluded from the rule of law for the period when they are used as residential premises.