Total Prize Money Earned:
$33,813.41 From 35 Tournaments

Demise Roster Summary

Battalion 1944$15,000.0044.36%
League of Legends$0.000.00%
Super Smash Bros.$12,199.1336.08%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$9,181.5927.15%
2.Spain Spain$3,017.548.92%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States NickoNicko Bonilla$4,642.62
2.Spain TrifAlvaro Garcia Moral$3,017.54
3.Netherlands bluEzKenneth Ross$3,000.00
4.Netherlands dynzJerre van den Berg$3,000.00
5.Netherlands N1ELSKNiels Koornneef$3,000.00
6.United Kingdom samuelg- -$3,000.00
7.Belgium stRove- -$3,000.00
8.United States PandarianEric Lund$1,799.64
9.United States ZDZack Darby$1,784.08
10.United Kingdom Dowey- -$996.26
11.United Kingdom Harris- -$996.26
12.United Kingdom Joshuaglitch- -$996.26
13.United Kingdom pat- -$996.26
14.United Kingdom YuzusJosh Pritchard$996.26
15.United States Seagull JoeJoseph Raucher$638.75
16.France ChiliMaxence Lauqué$326.60
17.France EnvoJonathane Rech$326.60
18.France erenHoang-Thong Nguyen$326.60
19.France NecroEnzo Muccio$326.60
20.France TakaSJonathan Paupard$326.60
21.United States Mr. EEric Weber$316.50


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