Team Queso

Total Prize Money Earned:
$432,986.04 From 27 Tournaments

Team Queso Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$25,000.005.77%
Clash of Clans$100,000.0023.10%
Clash Royale$193,366.0144.66%
PUBG Mobile$58,965.0013.62%
Rainbow Six Siege$1,487.600.34%

Country Summary

1.Netherlands Netherlands$40,736.869.41%
2.Mexico Mexico$33,500.007.74%
3.Spain Spain$26,804.286.19%
4.United States United States$17,714.874.09%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Spain Prisi0n3r0- -$50,000.00
2.Netherlands Surgical GoblinFrank Oskam$40,177.29
3.Mexico Adrián PiedraAdrian Piedra$21,250.00
4.Spain almualin- -$20,000.00
5.United States Clash with Ash- -$20,000.00
6.Argentina fed- -$20,000.00
7.Chile MAICOL DP- -$20,000.00
8.Spain OSKIVM- -$20,000.00
9.Mexico Rigotorres23- -$20,000.00
10.United States Vulkan- -$20,000.00
11.United States Coltonw83Colton Wall$17,714.87
12.Spain SokingJesús Ruiz$17,164.71
13.Argentina AyalaGonzalo Ayala$13,921.25
14.Uruguay MarcoMarco Poppitti$13,921.25
15.Mexico DiegoBDiego Becerra$12,250.00
16.Argentina AxeelAxel Gavotti$11,780.00
17.Argentina MysthicMiguel Ramoha$11,780.00
18.Hong Kong AaronHo, Ho Nam$8,000.00
19.United States ORANGEJUICE- -$8,000.00
20.Spain ALVAROS845- -$6,250.00
21.Spain CuchiiCuuPérez Sánche$4,919.57
22.Chile TateJuan Javier Navarrete$4,741.25
23.Spain BenijuBeñat Ugarte$4,360.00
24.France AzylisJarod Quesada$4,000.00
25.Spain DarkAngelFrancisco Martinez$4,000.00


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