Luminous Stars

Total Prize Money Earned:
$177,829.84 From 10 Tournaments

Luminous Stars Roster Summary


Country Summary

1.China China$37,263.7320.95%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.China WnnnWu, Jingqing$37,263.73
2.China KarlXin, Xu$27,848.82
3.China LongDDHuang, Xiang$27,686.31
4.China Monsters- -$27,686.31
5.China Seventeen- -$23,936.31
6.China Ydd-, -$10,610.11
7.China Aduo-, -$9,861.75
8.China easy-, -$9,861.75
9.China Onion- -$748.36
10.China pipl- -$748.36
11.China Roman-, -$474.13
12.China Tk-, -$474.13
13.China YC-, -$474.13
14.China 1z-, -$77.83
15.China Wang-, -$77.83


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