The Leftovers

Total Prize Money Earned:
$28,859.61 From 13 Tournaments

The Leftovers Roster Summary

Rocket League$28,859.61100.00%

Country Summary

1.Denmark Denmark$11,850.5341.06%
2.Germany Germany$9,598.0033.26%
3.France France$6,367.3422.06%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Germany SikiiCEMAlex Karelin$9,598.00
2.Denmark SnaskiNicolai Andersen$9,598.00
3.France FerraVictor Francal$6,367.34
4.Denmark MaestroNicolai Bang$2,252.53
5.Denmark PwndxKasper Nielsen$1,000.00
6.United Kingdom BlueyDan Bluett$21.87
7.France Chausette45Thibault Grzesiak$21.87


1.Dead Link
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