Team Singularity

Total Prize Money Earned:
$686,893.53 From 193 Tournaments

Team Singularity Roster Summary

Apex Legends$13,069.001.90%
Call of Duty$201,750.0029.37%
CS:GO female$15,000.002.18%
Dota 2$22,600.003.29%
League of Legends$24,702.253.60%
League of Legends (female)$0.000.00%
Overwatch (Singularity Gorillaz)$8,522.861.24%
Overwatch (Singularity Ninjas)$26,968.683.93%
Rainbow Six$12,000.001.75%
Rocket League$78,132.5711.37%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$214,575.1831.24%
2.United States United States$77,933.3211.35%
3.Denmark Denmark$67,457.699.82%
4.Brazil Brazil$57,920.008.43%
5.Russian Federation Russian Federation$41,920.406.10%
6.Netherlands Netherlands$19,027.522.77%
7.Germany Germany$16,755.072.44%
8.Sweden Sweden$14,894.942.17%
9.Poland Poland$9,591.211.40%
10.Belgium Belgium$4,125.000.60%
11.Romania Romania$3,000.000.44%
12.France France$3,000.000.44%
13.Chile Chile$2,500.000.36%
14.Slovenia Slovenia$2,320.000.34%
15.Argentina Argentina$2,060.510.30%
16.Finland Finland$1,866.320.27%
17.Serbia Serbia$1,316.330.19%
18.Croatia Croatia$800.000.12%
19.Greece Greece$701.660.10%
20.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$435.250.06%
21.Turkey Turkey$114.760.02%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Brazil LasersPedro Kaique Souza Carvalho$50,000.00
2.United Kingdom BidzLuke Biddle$40,575.00
3.United Kingdom DetainJed Mulcahy$40,575.00
4.United Kingdom InsightJamie Craven$39,450.00
5.United Kingdom ChainSam Dineley$27,100.00
6.United Kingdom MapleSam Dineley$17,200.00
7.Germany GodsmillaLeon Mares$16,755.07
8.United Kingdom nolyJoseph Kidd$15,946.74
9.Netherlands ThOThomas Binkhorst$15,946.74
10.United States foodVictor Wong$14,725.00
11.United States ryannRyan Welsh$14,610.00
12.United States VanityAnthony Malaspina$11,325.00
13.Sweden TechnoGooseJohann Biörck$10,250.00
14.United States HydrexCameron Kern$10,110.00
15.United Kingdom Scrub KillaKyle Robertson$9,750.00
16.United States oSeeJoshua Ohm$9,610.00
17.United Kingdom BreeziGeorge Rusiecki$9,308.33
18.United Kingdom HibbsJoseph Jamie Hibbert$9,308.33
19.United Kingdom KezaKian Bonsor$9,150.00
20.United Kingdom GismoJoey Evans$9,000.00
21.United Kingdom MapleJack McCartney$8,425.00
22.Denmark CleanXTobias Jønsson$8,200.00
23.Denmark inztaPeter Kragelund$7,930.97
24.Denmark AnJAllan Jensen$7,638.57
25.Denmark consoleMads Skovby$7,567.40


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