Miami Flamingos‏ e-Sports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$14,678.31 From 42 Tournaments
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Miami Flamingos‏ e-Sports Roster Summary

Country Summary

1.Argentina Argentina$8,964.7361.07%
2.Colombia Colombia$3,169.0321.59%
3.Chile Chile$1,167.317.95%
4.United States United States$977.256.66%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Argentina tutehenMatias Canale$5,379.65
2.Colombia sickLyJuanes Valencia$3,169.03
3.Argentina guishorroGuillermo Areco$1,847.39
4.Argentina JonY BoYJonathan Muñoz$1,737.69
5.Chile ProxureCristian Rojas$1,167.31
6.United States K9sbruceShawn Bruce$977.25
7.Mexico MarKEOmar Jimenez$200.00
8.Argentina tomiTomas Guardia$200.00


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