New Zealand National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$54,100.00 From 6 Tournaments

New Zealand National Team Roster Summary


Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.New Zealand PathraPathra Cadness$10,500.00
2.New Zealand JakattackJack Gifford$9,000.00
3.New Zealand TingTong- -$9,000.00
4.New Zealand MageKi, Yin So$7,500.00
5.New Zealand SignedDale Tang$2,214.29
6.New Zealand TruthPaul Vantlutlen$2,214.29
7.New Zealand Birdy- -$1,500.00
8.New Zealand Flamelord- -$1,500.00
9.New Zealand HooWooDaniel McIntosh$1,500.00
10.New Zealand Legabril- -$1,500.00
11.New Zealand Slayermax- -$1,500.00
12.New Zealand WILLx- -$1,500.00
13.New Zealand August9thChristopher Norgrove$714.29
14.New Zealand ColourhexKelsey Birse$714.29
15.New Zealand Joker- -$714.29
16.New Zealand JungleJazzOliver Denby$714.29
17.New Zealand plihS- -$714.29
18.Australia HoneyBadgers2134Harry Blackmore$550.00
19.New Zealand honurbly airbrnCampbell Knowles$550.00


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