Fable eSports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$56,868.50 From 7 Tournaments
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Fable eSports Roster Summary

Gears of War$54,000.0094.96%
Super Smash Bros$368.500.65%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$206.750.36%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom CrimsonsMatthew Evans$8,000.00
2.United Kingdom HydroneBen Cornwell$8,000.00
3.United Kingdom KrazedMatthew Macdonald$8,000.00
4.United Kingdom MarshNevason Nandan$8,000.00
5.United Kingdom PhelpzyWill Phelps$8,000.00
6.France FragxrSonny Marchaland$625.00
7.Ireland QristolaChris O'keefe$625.00
8.France SLGNorwen Le Galloudec$625.00
9.United Kingdom SnakeyArkel Brown$625.00
10.Mexico AntraaXJoel Gomez$400.00
11.Mexico AutensArturo Espana$400.00
12.Mexico BGodBrayan Robles$400.00
13.Mexico Infernuz- -$400.00
14.Mexico InvolvingSahad Jimenez$400.00
15.United States 8BitManBrett Esposito$206.75
16.United States DarkShadOrion Wolf$92.50
17.United States Dath- -$36.25
18.United States TyroyTyler Awdisho$33.00


Fable eSports on Twitter: "We are proud to announce the signing of @8BrettMan one of the top Smash 4 players! Welcome to the @F
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