Team RivaL

Total Prize Money Earned:
$190,805.20 From 13 Tournaments

Top Players For Team RivaL

 IDNameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Croatia DeathwalkerAdrian Benko$38,000.00$38,300.0099.22%
2.Bulgaria iceicebabyyAleksandar Zahariev$38,000.00$38,300.0099.22%
3.Croatia KaLaSPetar Matejic$38,000.00$39,300.0096.69%
4.United Kingdom VoteNBKLiam Shanks$38,000.00$38,300.0099.22%
5.Romania WlfyAlexandru Lefteric─â$38,000.00$38,600.0098.45%
6.United States Mr. EEric Weber$552.20$10,065.105.49%
7.Netherlands Mr. RRamin Delshad$185.00$43,844.440.42%
8.United States Mekos- -$43.50$1,042.004.17%
9.United States MVDJestise Negron$24.50$31,976.620.08%
10.United States JK- -$0.00$3,089.200.00%
11.United States Raffi-XRaffi Azar$0.00$5,399.130.00%
12.United States RemziRemzi Zayid$0.00$1,743.000.00%


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