Fly Society

Total Prize Money Earned:
$9,248.16 From 22 Tournaments

Fly Society Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros$9,248.16100.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$8,236.0189.06%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States FatalityGriffin Miller$4,848.85
2.United States KolaKolawole Aideyan$1,361.70
3.United States DarkShadOrion Wolf$913.90
4.United States KalamazhuKyle Zhu$876.58
5.United States RazoAlex Sanchez$560.63
6.United States MegafoxJohnnie Ramon$189.75
7.United States LightParis Ramirez$178.00
8.United States WrathCarrington Osborne$100.00
9.United States SmashBob SquarePants- -$60.75
10.United States Peabnut- -$60.00
11.United States Dark WizzyRasheen Rose$49.00
12.United States WaDiChris Boston$49.00


FlySociety Signs Fatality | Smashboards
Last Checked 2016-12-17 4:43:53 PM
Edax Pro on Twitter: "The official merge with @FlySocietyGG has commenced! #Greedy"
Last Checked 2017-10-01 12:58:33 PM
Fly Society, LLC on Twitter: "After over half a year, our road warrior Orion "DarkShad" Wolf will be returning to free agency a
Last Checked 2019-07-21 1:28:26 AM
FlySociety on Twitter: "Please welcome @ss_darkwizzy to the FlySociety SSB4 team
Last Checked 2017-01-04 9:56:57 AM
FlySociety on Twitter: "We'd like to welcome @WrathTheBlur as the latest addition to our SSB4 division
Last Checked 2017-01-13 9:43:20 PM
FlySociety on Twitter: "We're glad to proudly introduce @MyranSSB as part of the ssb4 team! Show him some love & give him a fol
Last Checked 2017-10-01 12:58:55 PM
FlySociety on Twitter: "We'd like to thank @Dark_Wizzy_ & @WrathTheBlur for their time here with us. We wish them the best in t
Last Checked 2017-10-01 12:56:57 PM
FlySociety on Twitter: "The moment you've all been waiting for, smash4 we're back..."
Last Checked 2018-02-02 1:49:02 PM
FlySociety on Twitter: "We'd like to present to you our recent pick up, salt #StayFly"
Last Checked 2018-02-02 1:49:16 PM
FlySociety on Twitter: "We're glad to announce we have now expanded into the melee scene!
Last Checked 2018-05-10 9:31:48 AM
Wrath on Twitter: "Proud to announce that I am sponsored by @FlySocietyGG now! Looking forward to what happens in the future
Last Checked 2017-01-13 9:43:08 PM
Please welcome PES - YouTube
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