American National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$267,924.95 From 17 Tournaments

American National Team Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$34,500.0012.88%
Dota 2$2,500.000.93%
League of Legends$1,500.000.56%
Unreal Tournament$5,000.001.87%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States DogDavid Caero$25,464.99
2.United States FirebatJames Kostesich$21,104.40
3.United States DeathstarV3Stephen Stone$16,104.40
4.United States TareiJeffrey Liu$16,104.40
5.United States VLpsVictor Lopez$16,104.40
6.United States RawkusShane Flaherty$7,428.57
7.United States sinatraaJay Won$7,428.57
8.United States fr0zenFrank Zhang$6,360.59
9.China KOYang, Zheng$6,283.33
10.United States AdamAdam Eckel$6,000.00
11.United States AmnesiacWilliam Barton$5,000.00
12.United States BahawakaIan Crowe$5,000.00
13.United States HotMEOWTHEdwin Cook$5,000.00
14.United States SharkyMike Gariti$5,000.00
15.United States ValliateKeane Alonso$5,000.00
16.United States ZanpahLogan Heckman$5,000.00
17.Brazil HydrationJoão Pedro Telles$4,428.57
18.United States MothGrant Espe$4,428.57
19.United States MumaAustin Wilmot$4,428.57
20.United States SPACEIndy Halpern$4,428.57
21.United States ZachaREEEZachary Lombardo$4,428.57
22.United States ChakkiKeaton Gill$4,360.59
23.Canada CydoniaJulien Perrault-Harvey$4,360.59
24.United States ReynadAndrey Yanyuk$4,360.59
25.United States BeginningsJacob Chavez$3,200.00


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