Portugese National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$40,238.70 From 7 Tournaments

Portugese National Team Roster Summary

Heroes of the Storm$1,500.003.73%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Portugal DrBoom- -$4,000.00
2.Portugal RastaArturRasta Artur$4,000.00
3.Portugal Tuga- -$4,000.00
4.Portugal LazyAAfonso Alves$3,000.00
5.Portugal TheViper94Guilherme Oliveira$3,000.00
6.Portugal Zuka- -$3,000.00
7.Portugal GreyyLuís Perestrelo$2,214.29
8.Portugal HorthicHenrique Damião$2,214.29
9.Portugal PhattAlexandre Silva$2,214.29
10.Portugal AddictedEduardo Torres$1,500.00
11.Portugal kileR4fuNNNuno Ferreira$1,500.00
12.Portugal mowzassaTiago Rodrigues$1,500.00
13.Portugal Cereza- -$1,000.00
14.Portugal Ginger- -$1,000.00
15.Portugal IgniteNuno Pinho$1,000.00
16.Portugal atf- -$714.29
17.Brazil Jaka- -$714.29
18.Portugal KouhenCarlos Silva$714.29
19.Portugal Lemonada- -$714.29
20.Portugal Caps- -$300.00
21.Portugal GodStorm- -$300.00
22.Portugal holotype- -$300.00
23.Portugal Psyche- -$300.00
24.Portugal Zebina- -$300.00
25.Portugal dr_jivagosMiguel Angelo Dinis$147.74


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