Polish National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$117,487.56 From 20 Tournaments

Tournament Results for Polish National Team

Counter-Strike$29,677.074 Tournaments25.26%
CS: Source$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
CS:GO$28,000.002 Tournaments23.83%
FIFA$6,547.222 Tournaments5.57%
Hearthstone$9,025.003 Tournaments7.68%
Heroes of the Storm$8,000.001 Tournament6.81%
Overwatch$24,000.002 Tournaments20.43%
SC:BW$468.001 Tournament0.40%
StarCraft 2$11,673.724 Tournaments9.94%
WarCraft 3$96.551 Tournament0.08%


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