Gale Force eSports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$504,640.47 From 79 Tournaments

Gale Force eSports is an American eSports organization.

Gale Force eSports Roster Summary

Heroes of the Storm$275,967.0054.69%
Rocket League$212,791.4742.17%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$269,030.0053.31%
2.Netherlands Netherlands$76,347.1715.13%
3.France France$76,347.1715.13%
4.Sweden Sweden$53,223.3610.55%
5.Mexico Mexico$7,750.001.54%
6.Argentina Argentina$3,200.000.63%
7.Germany Germany$2,083.620.41%
8.Canada Canada$704.010.14%
9.United Kingdom United Kingdom$125.000.02%
10.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$125.000.02%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Netherlands ViolentPandaJos van Meurs$76,347.15
2.France KaydopAlexandre Courant$74,263.55
3.Sweden TurbopolsaPierre Silfver$57,123.36
4.United States akafaceStefen Anderson$53,013.40
5.United States MichaelUdallMichael Udall$53,013.40
6.United States KhroenKhalif Hashim$28,613.40
7.United States FanFan Yang$28,513.40
8.United States FuryManny Medina$22,680.00
9.United States bkidJosh Choi$16,113.40
10.United States RoflcopterDavid Young$14,500.00
11.United States k1Keiwan Itakura$14,400.00
12.United States KingCaffeineJohn Paul Lopez$14,400.00
13.United States EquinoxJon Peterson$14,180.00
14.United States bigempctSammuel Hua$10,000.00
15.Mexico MarKEEdgar Maldonado$7,750.00
16.United States CauthonLuckRori Bryant-Raible$2,160.00
17.United States FayeKayla Murray$2,160.00
18.United States madtimmyDrew Rodgers$2,160.00
19.France Chausette45Thibault Grzesiak$2,083.61
20.Germany paschy90Philip Paschmeyer$2,083.61
21.Argentina guishorroGuillermo Areco$900.00
22.Argentina JonY BoYJonathan Muñoz$900.00
23.Argentina tutehenMatias Canale$900.00
24.Italy kuxir97Francesco Cinquemani$593.77
25.Argentina tomiTomas Guardia$500.00


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