Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,207.82 From 7 Tournaments

Kingsmen Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros$2,207.82100.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$1,912.0986.61%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States La LunaRyan Coker-Welch$1,804.09
2.United States DJ NintendoHendrick Pilar$248.50
3.United States ReddAustin Self$108.00
4.Nicaragua n0neEdgard Sheleby$47.24


Kingsmen on Twitter: "We would like to welcome @TheMoon112 as our first Super Smash Melee player! #KING$ Statement to be relea
Last Checked 2016-07-23 12:12:39 PM
Kingsmen on Twitter: "At this time we would like to announce that we have parted ways with @TheMoon112. We thank him for his ti
Last Checked 2016-08-26 11:34:49 AM
Kingsmen on Twitter: "We have signed Professional Melee player @ReddSSBM for the 2017 season. He will be competing in Genesis 4
Last Checked 2017-01-19 8:54:38 PM