Team Allegiance

Total Prize Money Earned:
$798,580.70 From 64 Tournaments

Team Allegiance Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$40,000.005.01%
Call of Duty$62,950.007.88%
Gears of War$35,000.004.38%
Rocket League$33,331.254.17%
Smite (XBox)$32,500.004.07%
Super Smash Bros$8,299.451.04%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$639,857.7580.12%
2.Canada Canada$42,518.765.32%
3.Russian Federation Russian Federation$9,057.141.13%
4.Nicaragua Nicaragua$7,961.651.00%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States SuspectorAyden Hill$129,000.00
2.United States CratosCarlos Ayala$128,000.00
3.United States eL TowNVisal Mohanan$128,000.00
4.United States NadedBrett Leonard$128,000.00
5.United States Sea-BassSebastian Becerra$11,110.42
6.Canada AllushinBraxton Lagarec$11,093.75
7.United States TyTy Helewa$11,093.75
8.Russian Federation OceansAleksandr Brudnyi$9,057.14
9.United States Weak3nKurt Schray$9,057.14
10.United States BelieveAustin Smith$8,625.00
11.China KOYang, Zheng$8,000.00
12.United States MtsMatt Stover$8,000.00
13.United States RestTanner Scadden$8,000.00
14.United States RockerRojean Bernal$8,000.00
15.United States SleepyMitchel Sudweeks$8,000.00
16.Nicaragua n0neEdgard Sheleby$7,961.65
17.Canada MayhemMehran Anjomshoa$7,750.00
18.Canada NovaaDakota Williams$7,750.00
19.United States SpoofTristan Green$7,500.00
20.United States MochilaSteve Canle$7,112.50
21.United States RemyRemington Ihringer$7,112.50
22.Canada RoyaltyMatt Faithfull$7,112.50
23.United States JerppyJeff Szewczak$7,000.00
24.United States ShocKAlec Collins$6,500.00
25.United States TransonicsChristopher Pinales$6,500.00


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