Dream Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$92,697.96 From 28 Tournaments

Dream Team Roster Summary

Call of Duty$59,655.0064.35%
Gears of War$18,000.0019.42%
League of Legends$0.000.00%
Super Smash Bros$15,042.9616.23%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$14,373.6615.51%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States DiabolicSteven Rivero$14,913.75
2.United States SenderTroy Michaels$14,913.75
3.United States ChinoMartin Chino$13,500.00
4.United States KillaAdam Sloss$12,625.00
5.United States DabuzSamuel Buzby$6,649.06
6.United States ANTiJason Bates$6,287.00
7.United States DeMoEdwin Perez$4,500.00
8.United States DispensaThomas Dispensa$3,000.00
9.United States KyleKyle Mason$3,000.00
10.United States Red IcyNicholas Cope$3,000.00
11.United States SiCaMoReMarvin Moya$1,500.00
12.United States SleepytimeYadiel Hidalgo$1,500.00
13.United States XcellsChristopher Hill$1,500.00
14.United States HugSHugo Gonzalez$1,437.60
15.Canada IvyAndrew Ivers$1,250.00
16.United Kingdom WatsonJosh Watson$1,250.00
17.United States HappyNick Suda$875.00
18.United States Larry LurrLarry Holland$366.00
19.Canada AllyElliot Carroza-Oyarce$285.00
20.United States AnticitySpencer Askins$163.75
21.United States ClaysterJames Eubanks$163.75
22.Mexico HyugaCristian Medina$18.30


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