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Player Transfers For REUNITED

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2017-01-09United Kingdom KruiseHarrison PondREUNITED
2017-01-09Netherlands MorteTom KerbuschREUNITED
2017-01-09Russian Federation uNFixedAndrei LeonovREUNITED
2017-01-09Estonia vallutajaHendrik-William KinksREUNITED
2017-01-08United Kingdom DoomseeRyan GrahamREUNITED
2017-01-08Germany ELMPThomas PrekelREUNITED
2017-01-08Denmark SnaskiNicolai AndersenREUNITED
2017-01-06Norway OnigodStefan FiskerstrandREUNITED
2017-01-06Spain WinghavenSergi Torras AragonésREUNITED
2016-10-07Norway OnigodStefan FiskerstrandREUNITED
2016-10-05United Kingdom KybFinley AdisiREUNITED
2016-09-24United Kingdom DoomseeRyan GrahamREUNITED
2016-09-24Germany ELMPThomas PrekelREUNITED
2016-09-24Denmark SnaskiNicolai AndersenREUNITED
2016-07-06United Kingdom KybFinley AdisiREUNITED
2016-06-30Netherlands TwoEasyEric van HoornREUNITED
2016-03-23United Kingdom KruiseHarrison PondREUNITED
2016-02-20Netherlands stefanStefan HofREUNITED
2016-01-04Netherlands MorteTom KerbuschFnaticREUNITED
2016-01-04Netherlands stefanStefan HofFnaticREUNITED
2016-01-04Netherlands TwoEasyEric van HoornFnaticREUNITED
2016-01-04Russian Federation uNFixedAndrei LeonovFnaticREUNITED
2016-01-04Estonia vallutajaHendrik-William KinksFnaticREUNITED
2016-01-04Spain WinghavenSergi Torras AragonésFnaticREUNITED

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