Team Naventic

Total Prize Money Earned:
$221,569.00 From 11 Tournaments

Team Naventic Roster Summary

Heroes of the Storm$217,569.0098.19%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$217,569.0098.19%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States KenmaKen Buechter$43,513.80
2.United States ZunaChris Buechter$43,513.80
3.United States bigempctSammuel Hua$34,313.80
4.United States FanFan Yang$28,700.00
5.United States McIntyreStafford Mcintyre$25,700.00
6.United States TomsterThomas Maguire$17,813.80
7.United States bkidJosh Choi$10,000.00
8.United States erhoAaron Kappes$9,200.00
9.United States JasonJason Mei$4,813.80
10.United States ContrACody Szczodrowski$800.00
11.United States DasTroyedTroy Dusman$800.00
12.United States NemassistKyle Kubina$800.00
13.United States ProToTypeEzekiel Martinez$800.00
14.United States RyaNoobRyan Geddes$800.00


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