London Mint

Total Prize Money Earned:
$32,086.70 From 5 Tournaments

Top Players For London Mint

 IDNameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.United Kingdom HenryGHenry Greer$6,417.34$18,986.2033.80%
2.United Kingdom HughsyLewis Hughes$6,417.34$22,132.2929.00%
3.United Kingdom urlTom Chenery$6,417.34$12,542.1551.17%
4.United Kingdom betaThomas Hanna$4,760.23$12,857.8637.02%
5.United Kingdom jon0oJonathan Finglass$4,760.23$9,008.0852.84%
6.United Kingdom ritchRichard Gibbs$1,657.11$8,129.8420.38%
7.Sweden HaZEric Holm$992.32$11,902.498.34%
8.United Kingdom hudzGGeorge Hoskins$664.80$19,776.173.36%


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