FM eSports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$73,006.75 From 29 Tournaments

FM eSports is a British team formed from the original members of the Animate eSports roster. The organisation FM eSports is highly regarded in the FPS scene, having previously only had an amateur team represent them in League of Legends they look to make a big name for themselves with the old Animate eSports roster in 2014.

FM eSports Roster Summary

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$49,275.2167.49%
League of Legends$23,731.5432.51%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$7,855.3410.76%
2.Sweden Sweden$1,050.021.44%
3.Netherlands Netherlands$666.530.91%
4.Denmark Denmark$348.530.48%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom nEiLZiNHoNeil Finlay$8,611.06
2.United Kingdom WeberBrandon Weber$5,533.27
3.United Kingdom Puls3Reece Marrs$5,170.22
4.United Kingdom stan1eyTramaine Stanley$5,000.65
5.United Kingdom TundraJamie Duthie$4,746.31
6.United Kingdom NutriBilly Wragg$4,260.83
7.United Kingdom SamwiseSam Mitten$2,891.81
8.United Kingdom fre1Aaron Frei$2,611.60
9.United Kingdom JenkoTom Jenkinson$2,389.05
10.Sweden robiinRobin Sjögren$2,389.05
11.Ireland WhindanskiPhilip Nicholas$2,341.58
12.United Kingdom DanDaniel Hockley$2,068.28
13.United Kingdom KrissoKris Thuesen$2,068.28
14.Sweden ZiViZErik Lövgren$1,666.13
15.United Kingdom somSom Haddow$1,665.57
16.Denmark socNSøren Falke$1,537.99
17.United Kingdom PEZJames Perrott$1,168.61
18.Ireland vertiGoTom Rockliffe$1,168.61
19.Sweden BARBARRAndre Möller$1,050.02
20.Denmark QunnskDavid Terp$940.10
21.United Kingdom Sir ScottScott Sidney$940.10
22.United Kingdom ZEDGeorge Bear$903.81
23.United Kingdom KryptixJames Affleck$849.25
24.Ireland CINDERKristians Bogdanovs$794.61
25.United Kingdom hudzGGeorge Hoskins$794.61


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