Team FeaR

Total Prize Money Earned:
$89,445.05 From 11 Tournaments

Team FeaR Roster Summary

Call of Duty$75,095.0583.96%
League of Legends$14,350.0016.04%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$6,792.517.59%
2.Philippines Philippines$1,696.671.90%
3.Ukraine Ukraine$200.000.22%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States JohnJohnathan Perez$18,773.76
2.United States Assass1nRobert Walsh$18,500.00
3.United States MohoJoey Morehouse$18,500.00
4.United States SharpBrandon Rodgers$17,500.00
5.United States MandatorycloudZachary Hoschar$1,696.67
6.United States MuffinqtJacob Lowry$1,696.67
7.Philippines XmithieJake Puchero$1,696.67
8.United States ZunaChris Buechter$1,696.67
9.United States AphromooZaqueri Black$1,456.67
10.United States DedoKen Dedo$1,000.00
11.United States CloudNguyenStephen Nguyen$762.50
12.Canada BulletSafetyTom Bogdanov$562.50
13.United States EasyBrandon Doyle$562.50
14.United States FrostaliciousParsa Baghai$562.50
15.United States k1Keiwan Itakura$562.50
16.Canada MiMoMichael Moreira$562.50
17.United States SoloColin Earnest$562.50
18.United States StixxayyTrevor Hayes$562.50
19.United States BennyBenny Hung$340.00
20.United States KillaAdam Sloss$273.76
21.United States PHiZZURPPhillip Klemenov$273.76
22.United States RickyRicky Stacy$273.76
23.United States cre4tive- -$200.00
24.United States I am AnjoAngelo Cortez$200.00
25.United States Pekin WoofIsaac Marconis$200.00


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