Carolina Core

Total Prize Money Earned:
$222,000.00 From 11 Tournaments

Carolina Core Roster Summary

Counter-Strike: Source$127,000.0057.21%
Dead or Alive 4$44,000.0019.82%
FIFA 08$7,000.003.15%
Forza Motorsport 2$44,000.0019.82%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$156,700.0070.59%
2.Canada Canada$29,000.0013.06%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States daffstaChad White$25,300.00
2.United States MasternookMark Torrez$25,300.00
3.United States s0nNyHoang Tran$24,600.00
4.United States DevourSam Chamma$22,700.00
5.United States MystikKatherine Gunn$22,000.00
6.Canada Offbeat_NinjaRyan Ward$22,000.00
7.United States PhantoMJoe Tackett$22,000.00
8.United States ElusiveAdam Messner$15,000.00
9.United States ReXBrent Dimapilis$15,000.00
10.United States orgCyrus Habibi$7,800.00
11.Canada anomalyAndrew Brock$7,000.00
12.United States General E LiveEric Earley$7,000.00
13.United States kEEnBobby Aihama$2,700.00
14.United States PH33RJonathan Schwan$2,600.00
15.United States hostileShaun Catron$700.00
16.United States benBenjamin Hui$100.00
17.United States foogzJimmy Koller$100.00
18.United States hahNAlbert Hahn$100.00


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