Birmingham Salvo

Total Prize Money Earned:
$623,465.73 From 12 Tournaments

Birmingham, England franchise of the Championship Gaming Series. Managed by former Dignitas CS 1.6 player Michael O'Dell.

Birmingham Salvo Roster Summary

Counter-Strike: Source$313,465.7350.28%
Dead or Alive 4$114,000.0018.28%
FIFA 08$57,000.009.14%
Forza Motorsport 2$139,000.0022.29%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$296,000.0047.48%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom DaveyskillsDavid Kelly$69,500.00
2.United Kingdom MangiacapraMarc Mangiacapra$62,693.15
3.United Kingdom ptPete Wright$62,693.15
4.United Kingdom RattlesnKSam Gawn$62,693.15
5.United Kingdom PicasoDean Sutton$62,500.00
6.United Kingdom BazzaMichael Barrett$57,000.00
7.United Kingdom MessyDeng, Ming Zhi$57,000.00
8.United Kingdom wilzOOOJames Wilson$55,619.80
9.United Kingdom wEZElliot Welsh$53,635.17
10.United Kingdom Sarah LouSarah Harrison$50,000.00
11.United Kingdom AdYAdam Brown$7,073.34
12.United Kingdom HarrimanStuart Harriman$7,073.34
13.United Kingdom Neo JakeJason Holmes$7,000.00
14.United Kingdom RicochetSamantha Whale$7,000.00
15.Sweden RedLouis Nyberg$1,984.63


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