Total Prize Money Earned:
$505,208.84 From 153 Tournaments

IGS and Team Phreakz were predecessors to the eventual Team Carbon. Team Carbon was formed in 2005 for the MLG Halo 2 Pro Circuit. It ended in 2012 after MLG dropped Halo: Reach from its roster of games.

Carbon Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros.$31,099.826.16%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$443,833.8687.85%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States KarmaBen Jackson$107,647.26
2.United States ShockWav3Chris Smith$106,287.26
3.United States GH057ayameEric Hewitt$85,862.26
4.United States GandhiScott Lussier$76,487.26
5.United States NadedBrett Leonard$26,200.00
6.United States WalshyDavid Walsh$17,700.00
7.United States DefyBrandon Jenkins$16,100.00
8.United States AzenChristopher McMullen$13,725.75
9.United States Cpt AnarchyCarlos Morales$13,175.00
10.United States HugSHugo Gonzalez$12,290.11
11.United States StrongsideMichael Cavanaugh$7,500.00
12.United States ChillinKashan Khan$4,305.91
13.United States MimicLeland Jones$2,875.00
14.United States Acidian- -$2,500.00
15.United States ChigKyle Lawson$2,000.00
16.United States SKJustin Mann$2,000.00
17.United States Soldier187Marcos Sanchez$2,000.00
18.United States PisToL- -$1,375.00
19.United States MeLLoZ- -$1,000.00
20.United States HusbandKevin Dassing$709.30
21.United States BestManNick Johnson$700.00
22.United States GaMe- -$500.00
23.United States AssaultClete LoRusso$450.00
24.United States BlazeChris Chapon$450.00
25.United States RyaNoobRyan Geddes$450.00


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