Melee it on Me

Total Prize Money Earned:
$29,937.34 From 156 Tournaments

Melee it on Me is a website, blog, and podcast focusd on Super Smash Bros. Melee. It also sponsors a competitive team.

Melee it on Me Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros. Melee$29,937.34100.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$24,650.5482.34%
2.Canada Canada$1,880.446.28%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States MangoJoseph Marquez$7,362.65
2.United States SFATZachary Cordoni$7,320.85
3.United States S2JJohnny Kim$3,203.39
4.United States MattDotZebMatthew Zaborowski$2,233.00
5.United States PewPewUKevin Toy$2,069.15
6.Canada KirbyKazeDavid MacDonald$1,880.44
7.United States TafokintsDaniel Lee$1,186.00
8.United States TophKris Aldenderfer$918.66
9.United States ShroomedDajuan McDaniel$781.50
10.United States JuggleguyRobin Harn$350.14
11.United States Dr. ZSheridan Zalewski$347.70
12.United States LuckyJoey Aldama$340.00
13.United States Silent WolfOtto Bisno$306.50
14.United States ScarBobby Scarnewman$257.05
15.United States dizzkidboogieKyle Athayde$180.00
16.United States AlanAlan Moore$125.00
17.United States Alex19Alex Ruvalcaba$108.50
18.Netherlands AdamAdam Ayonmike$101.25
19.United States CDKConnor Nguyen$75.00
20.United States KJHKalindi Henderson$67.84
21.United States Dunk- -$60.00
22.United States AxeJeffrey Williamson$57.00
23.United States RenoWill Hsiao$51.00
24.United States MafiaJames Lauerman$50.00
25.United States SloxAnthony Detres$50.00


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