Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,952,683.67 From 76 Tournaments

Tournament Results for OMG

Hearthstone$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
Heroes of Newerth$161,364.692 Tournaments8.26%
Heroes of the Storm$30,778.238 Tournaments1.58%
League of Legends (Oh My Dream)$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
League of Legends (Oh My Girls)$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
League of Legends (Oh My God)$766,122.6929 Tournaments39.23%
Overwatch$20,768.174 Tournaments1.06%
PUBG$781,288.4523 Tournaments40.01%
Smite (OMG A)$12,720.002 Tournaments0.65%
Smite (OMG B)$54,630.003 Tournaments2.80%
Smite (OMG)$32,653.001 Tournament1.67%
Wild Rift$92,358.445 Tournaments4.73%


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