Vega Squadron

Total Prize Money Earned:
$563,515.78 From 112 Tournaments
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Vega Squadron Roster Summary

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$43,031.687.64%
Dota 2$450,360.6779.92%
League of Legends$55,052.369.77%
StarCraft 2$14,339.232.54%

Country Summary

1.Ukraine Ukraine$295,911.1752.51%
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$231,637.5941.11%
3.Armenia Armenia$7,019.781.25%
4.Poland Poland$5,739.631.02%
5.Belarus Belarus$5,657.961.00%
6.Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Republic of$4,397.610.78%
7.Sweden Sweden$3,728.590.66%
8.Lithuania Lithuania$2,622.170.47%
9.France France$2,607.130.46%
10.Finland Finland$1,781.310.32%
11.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$500.000.09%
12.Germany Germany$474.140.08%
13.United Kingdom United Kingdom$172.610.03%
14.Slovenia Slovenia$123.080.02%

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