Noble eSports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$79,213.18 From 29 Tournaments

Noble eSports Roster Summary

Call of Duty$3,085.003.89%
Call of Duty (Noble Black)$0.000.00%
Gears of War$0.000.00%
Halo (Noble Black)$10,000.0012.62%
Halo (Noble Reality Check)$0.000.00%
Mortal Kombat$11,557.4014.59%
Rainbow Six$7,500.009.47%
Rocket League$1,317.031.66%
Super Smash Bros$1,203.751.52%
World of Tanks$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$45,022.2856.84%
2.Canada Canada$18,070.0022.81%
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$7,500.009.47%
4.Poland Poland$1,400.001.77%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States RaptorWeiminh Lam$11,557.40
2.Canada BoomMario Tancon$9,600.00
3.United States edakulousKade Borel$9,600.00
4.United Kingdom DazfpsDarren Rourke$7,500.00
5.Canada InterrogateNick Raposo$7,500.00
6.United States APGBradley Laws$2,500.00
7.United States AriesMason Miller$2,500.00
8.United States ArkanumJacob Santos$2,500.00
9.United States ManiacNick Kershner$2,500.00
10.United States GodspeedDustin Kane$2,100.00
11.United States Natural- -$2,100.00
12.Poland AcidTomasz Adamczyk$1,400.00
13.United States breezySam Lassila$1,400.00
14.United States HeavyMatias Arrazola$1,400.00
15.United States YetiAlexander Lawson$1,400.00
16.United States SolJon Lackey$839.88
17.United States fl0mErik Flom$700.00
18.United States KrazyGiuliano Solon$700.00
19.United States RampyNathanial Duvall$700.00
20.Canada jayyJérôme Tessier$620.00
21.United States ParasiteChristopher Duarte$620.00
22.Canada PL1Keven Champagne$620.00
23.Canada smLSamuel Bertrand$620.00
24.Canada SubrozaYassine Taoufik$620.00
25.Canada tizLudovic Emond$620.00


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