COGnitive Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,029,124.51 From 166 Tournaments

COGnitive Gaming (COG) is an eSports organization located in California that was founded in July 2013.

COGnitive Gaming Roster Summary

Heroes of the Storm$50,100.002.47%
League of Legends$11,000.000.54%
Smite (COG Red)$441,839.0021.77%
Smite (Xbox)$47,500.002.34%
Super Smash Bros.$68,061.923.35%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$1,714,665.7784.50%
2.Canada Canada$281,133.4013.85%
3.Germany Germany$6,000.000.30%
4.China China$1,600.000.08%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States AndinsterAndrew Woodward$272,089.98
2.United States BaRRaCCuDDaJohn Salter$272,089.98
3.United States MLCst3althBrett Felley$272,089.98
4.United States OmegatronRyan Johnson$272,089.98
5.United States JeffHindlaRosario Villardi$264,426.00
6.Canada SnoopyEvan Jones$88,967.80
7.United States DaGarzPeter Gary$88,367.80
8.Canada DiviosNicklaus Neumeyer$88,367.80
9.Canada EonicSinjin Thorpe$88,367.80
10.United States TheBooshNich Lewis$88,367.80
11.United States Mew2KingJason Zimmerman$47,877.65
12.United States WizzrobeJustin Hallett$12,975.10
13.United States iakonaJeffrey Dolan$10,000.00
14.United States GlaurungMike Fisk$9,920.00
15.United States FreyaJustin Grella$9,500.00
16.United States GustavYBenjamin Lyubarskiy$9,500.00
17.Canada PaulPaul Berger$9,500.00
18.United States ShingAlex Rosa$9,500.00
19.United States SoupsKitchenBrad Rogge$9,500.00
20.United States MeerkatTyler Jensen$7,750.00
21.United States DaretoCareBrendan Daniels$6,101.48
22.Germany CattlepillarBen Bunk$6,080.00
23.United States CauthonLuckRori Bryant-Raible$6,000.00
24.United States FayeKayla Murray$6,000.00
25.United States ArorMax Jackson$4,800.00


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