The Amigos

Total Prize Money Earned:
$9,206.41 From 13 Tournaments

The Amigos Roster Summary

Age of Empires$9,206.41100.00%

Country Summary

1.Poland Poland$4,510.7049.00%
2.Sweden Sweden$3,597.6639.08%
3.Finland Finland$946.2310.28%
4.United States United States$75.910.82%
5.Czech Republic Czech Republic$75.910.82%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Poland BarlesRichard -$4,510.70
2.Sweden GanjiBenjamin -$3,597.66
3.Finland ValasJuho Kujala$946.23
4.United States Mununez- -$75.91
5.Czech Republic Somero- -$75.91


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