Moist Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$721,666.97 From 116 Tournaments

Moist Esports Roster Summary

Apex Legends$131,713.1018.25%
Guilty Gear -STRIVE-$7,298.571.01%
Rocket League$421,380.4958.39%
Street Fighter$0.000.00%
Super Smash Bros. Melee$4,797.390.66%
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$48,413.146.71%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$273,153.9837.85%
2.France France$110,916.6715.37%
3.Australia Australia$98,923.2413.71%
4.United States United States$63,311.718.77%
5.Belgium Belgium$30,943.814.29%
6.Canada Canada$4,797.390.66%
7.Mexico Mexico$400.000.06%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom JoyoJoe Young$140,460.16
2.United Kingdom rise.Finlay Ferguson$109,527.15
3.France VatiraAxel Touret$82,666.66
4.Australia EmteeMatthew Trengove$43,856.06
5.Australia WxltzyyBen Walton$43,856.06
6.Australia PrycyyDylan Price$32,644.94
7.Belgium AztralMaello Ernst$30,943.82
8.France juicyCharles Sabiani$28,250.00
9.United Kingdom KashKurtis Cannon$24,166.67
10.United States LightParis Ramirez$23,494.45
11.United States SALTONEKolawole Aideyan$16,801.19
12.Australia FussyCameron Clark$10,144.94
13.United States HotashiJulian Harris$7,298.57
14.United States AaronAaron Wilhite$5,042.89
15.Canada MokyKurtis Pratt$4,797.39
16.Netherlands OalyOle van Doorn$2,683.01
17.United Kingdom rehzzyKieran Hogan$2,683.01
18.United States GoblinAlexis Stennett$2,674.61
19.United States aprotoAlex Protopapas$1,600.00
20.United States brawkBrock Somerhalder$1,600.00
21.United States flyuhXavier Carlson$1,600.00
22.United States symTyler Porter$1,600.00
23.United States thiefBrady Dever$1,600.00
24.Australia JaroJoshua Green$1,211.12
25.Mexico MaisterEnrique Hernández Solís$400.00


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